Quarantine in the Sprint stage

  • There will be quarantine for the elite classes in the urban sprint;
  • The quarantine is in a large private area. It is thus a safe place for the athletes;
  • As it is a private area, we please ask you all to be careful in order to avoid damaging anything in such area;
  • All athletes must wear a facial mask as well as follow the remaining rules described in the contingency plan;
  • There are WCs inside the quarantine (for Elite classes);
  • The athletes may leave their belongs in the quarantine and collect them afterwards (the organization will not be responsible for any loss it may happen).

Model Event Information

Model event information was updated. You can see everything in https://beiraom.coviseu-natura.pt/WRE22/en/day-0-modal-event/.

The maps must be taken from the Secretariat ( Cine-Fórum, Penedono: 40.98872, -7.39383 ), during day 0 (Friday) 21st of January.

The parking is the same for both trainings: 40.937270, -7.426036.
The urban model start is 500m away from the parking (check the coordinates below).
The forest model start is 1km away from the parking (check the coordinates below).

This scheme will not be printed. The athlete is responsible for gathering the necessary information to take him/her to the start.

Hard floor, showers and babysitting

The organization will not provide hard floor, a place for showers and babysitting.

The evolution of COVID-19 pandemic, forced the organization to not provide services that may increase the risk of disease outbreaks. We believe this is the best decision for the organization and athletes. We appreciate your comprehension.

The athletes that have already required these services in OriOasis should validate if they remain interested or not in participating in the event. Please update your entry according to the decision.

There is available a wide range of private accommodations either in Sernancelhe (see here) or Penedono (see here).

Soon, we will provide more details about to contingency plan that is essential for the organization of the event.

Eventor with wrong dates!!

As some of you have already noticed, the WRE events in Eventor have wrong dates.

The correct dates are the ones available in the event’s website, namely:

  • Sprint WRE: 22/01/2022, Saturday
  • Long Distance WRE: 23/01/2022, Sunday

We hope to have this inconsistency solved soon. Thank you for your comprehension.

Entries with a normal price up to 17th of January

According to the Portuguese Orienteering Federation competitions rules, it is not possible to define a late entry fee. Therefore, the entries fees table and the platform OriOasis were updated accordingly.

Thus, the entries will remain open up to 17/01/2022 with normal prices.

Additionally, regarding the insurance, the organization clarifies that:

– Athletes affiliated in FPO or non-affiliated in FPO (Portuguese Orienteering Federation) are covered by FPO insurance. It is mandatory to provide the BI / CC / Passport number – for Portuguese athletes or residents in Portugal.
– Athletes affiliated in FEDO are covered by FEDO insurance. Foreign and/or non-resident athletes are not covered by any insurance, being their responsibility the insurance.

COVID-19 Contingency Plan

Considering the pandemic situation that we are facing in Portugal (and in the rest of the World), and even if the orienteering is a sport with a low risk associated, the organization established a contingency plan to protect all participants and staff. This contingency plan is available here and must be READ and FOLLOWED by all athletes and clubs. We kindly ask you all to be respectful in order to guarantee a safe event.
The main actions (that do not dismiss the reading of the contingency plan) are:
All athletes must sign the Covid-19 responsibility term. The Portuguese athletes can submit them through the FPO website or send through the email inscricoes@beiraom.coviseu-natura.pt up to the 21st of January. Foreign athletes should send it (download here) through the email inscricoes@beiraom.coviseu-natura.pt. This step is a requirement to participate in the event;
Athletes older than 12 years must present one of the following:

  • A valid EU Digital COVID certificate;
  • A valid recovery certificate;
  • A valid negative test certificate (a PCR test is valid for 72h while an antigen test is valid for 48h).

The athletes must present one of the certificates in the covid check point available in the event arenas. In this checkpoint, the organization will place an inviolable bracelet on the athletes with a valid certificate. If valid for both days, a white bracelet is given. If valid for only one day, an orange bracelet is given instead. This means that athletes with an orange bracelet will need to present a new test certificate on Sunday;
Athletes younger than 12 years old do not need to present any certificate but must go the covid certificate checkpoint in order to receive a white bracelet, after proving their age;
All athletes must wear a facial mask on the arenas and start area (in the case of the sprint, also during all the quarantine) as well as all the remaining rules described in the contingency plan;
All athletes must maintain a secure social distance;
The organization will have testing points in both areas that can be used by the athletes. The conditions are the following:
The interested athletes should send an email to the organization requesting this service (inscricoes@beiraom.coviseu-natura.pt). The email should contain the following information:

  • Complete name;
  • Date of birth;
  • Identification number / passport number;
  • Address in Portugal.

The Portuguese citizens can take advantage of the free tests offered by the government (4 per month). If they have already exceeded the free tests, the cost is 20€;
For foreign athletes, the cost is 20€;
The payment can be made in cash to the entity responsible for the tests;
Thank you for your comprehension.

Welcome to the website of Beira Alta O’Meeting 2021

Penedono and Sernancelhe receive in January of 2021 a big international event of orienteering. From 22nd to 24th of January, the best national and international athletes won’t loose the opportunity to participate again in a big orienteering event in the Viseu’s region.

This event is composed by 3 stages, two counting to the Vitalis Portuguese National Cup, one that is a World Ranking Event Candidate and a urban sprint that, together with the two remaining stages, will define the winners of the Beira Alta O’Meeting 2021 trophy.  In total, there will be 3 new maps of high quality, both in terms of terrains and cartography.

Additionally, and to whom prefers the sports’ playful component, there will be open classes suitable to all ages and physical preparation.

Follow all the news about the event in this website and social networks.

Event postponed to 2022

Due to the current constraints and due to the uncertainty of how will be the beginning of next year, the Portuguese Orienteering Federation and the clubs decided to postpone the international events, scheduled for the months of January and February of the year 2021, to the next season. Therefore, Beira Alta O’Meeting is postponed for the 2022 season to a date to be announced.

We regret what happened, hoping that the year 2021 could be a new beginning.
Protect yourself and more importantly protect the most vulnerable ones.

See you later

BEIRAOM rescheduled to 21-23 of January 2022

The Beira Alta O’Meeting has new date confirmed for 2022. The event will take place between 21st and 23rd of January of 2022.
Penedono and Sernancelhe will be ready to receive you and offer you an amazing international orienteering event.

Start organizing your calendar for 2022 and don’t forget to put BEIRAOM on the list 🙂 We are waiting for you…
See you soon.