O-Portugal is partner of the event

O-Portugal is partner of the event. The enterprise is specialized in orienteering training camps, offering a big deversity of trainings and terrains in Portugal.

During the last years, O-Portugal has wagered in the region of Viseu because of their terrains of excellence.

For more information, consult the page  Training Camps.

COVID-19 responsibility term and testing request

COVID-19 Responsibility Term

Up to now, we validated 262 COVID-19 responsibility terms, which means that are missing 261, considering all the entries (50%).

We remember that the Responsibility Term is mandatory to participate in the event. Moreover, considering all the logistics that the organization will face validating all COVID-19 certificates, it is fundamental that all athletes send the Responsibility Term a priori through e-mail or through the POF in the case of Portuguese athletes.

Therefore, we please ask all athletes to submit their responsibility terms up to the 23.59.00 of Wednesday, 19th of January. Otherwise, the organization will be forced to not allow the participation of such athletes.

To facilitate, the organization has a list in https://beiraom.coviseu-natura.pt/WRE22/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2022/01/TermosDeResponsabilidade_NOK.pdf with all athletes that do not have submitted yet their responsibility term. This list will be updated all days at the night up to Wednesday.

Testing request

The COVID-19 tests will be made by external entities. Therefore, to know the number of tests required, we need to know who will need them. Please submit your test request by email up to the 23.59.00 of Wednesday, 19th of January

Thank you for your comprehension and patiente. 

Results Beiraom’22

The results of Beiraom’22 are now available in the menu Live Center.

Thank you all for coming.

During the next days, we will publish the images of the maps as well as some photos and videos of the event.

Eventor, maps and photos.

The WRE results were updated to eventor. As there were several differences between the entries in eventor and in OriOasis, athletes should confirm if everything is ok.

Also, in the live center menu, you can see the links for the maps and some photos.

Once again, thank you so much for coming. We made everything to offer you the best event possible. See you soon!

Men Elite course with map turning in the Sprint

The Men Elite course will have map turning in the Sprint stage. This means that the course is divided into two parts, being the second part printed in the back of the first part.

We remind that the control point where the athlete should turn over the map appears in both parts of the course.

Results Stage 1 and 2

The results of stage 1 and 2 were updated in https://beiraom.coviseu-natura.pt/WRE22/en/dia-2-middle-distance-results/ and https://beiraom.coviseu-natura.pt/WRE22/en/day-1-sprint-3/.

Note regarding stage 2
After analyzing the splits, it was detected an anomalous situation in the start of an athlete of M21 class. that started one minute before the official start. Consequently, the results were updated to restore justice.

The final results are:
1 104 Tobia Pezzati 96 [12436] OPOR SCOM Mendrisio 13:42
2 102 Tomas Krivda 99 [12435] OPOR Czech Junior T 13:54
3 107 Ilian Angeli 02 [12447] OPOR FISO 13:58
4 110 DELENNE Adrien 96 [12442] OPOR PFCO 42 14:06
5 103 PERRIN Mathieu 98 [12442] OPOR PFCO 42 14:18

The organization apologizes to all intervenient for this situation. We appreciate your comprehension and fair play.