Entries must be submitted through the official platform for entries of the Portuguese Orienteering Federation, Ori OASIS, being the athletes federate or non-federate.

In case of doubts or problems please contact us by the following e-mail inscricoes@beiraom.coviseu-natura.pt with the following data:

  • Name(s) of the participant(s);
  • Birth(s) year;
  • Club Name;
  • FPO registry number or identity card number if not federated;
  • World Ranking ID for Elite classes, don’t forget also to register in  IOF Eventor. Links:  Sprint and Long Distance events;
  • SI card number:
    • If not provided, the organization will asign one with the cost of 1,50 € per day for Competition and Formation classes;
    • Free for Open classes;
    • Losing or non returning the rented SI card implies the payment of 50€.
  • Class for registration;
  • Days/Races of participation;
  • Participants who wish to participate in groups should send only one entry for the group mentioning the required data for each group member.

IMPORTANT NOTE – responsibility term:
All athletes must sign the Covid-19 responsibility term.
All Portuguese athletes must submit in FPO plataform.
All foreign athletes must send the signed term (download here) by January 21st to the email inscricoes@beiraom.coviseu-natura.pt

Competition and open classes:

Competition Classes
Age in 31 decemberClass
10 and lessH/D10
11 and 12H/D12
13 and 14H/D14
15 and 16H/D16
17 and 18H/D18
19 and 20H/D20
21 or moreHE/DE
21 or moreH/D21A
18 or moreH/D21B
35 and 39H/D35
40 and 44H/D40
45 and 49H/D45
50 and 54H/D50
55 and 59H/D55
60 and 64H/D60
65 and 69H/D65
70 and 74H/D70
75 and 79H/D75
80 and 85H/D80
85 or moreH/D85
Open ClassesAny sex/age, alone or in group
Easy ShortCourses with 2 to 4 Km, until 40 minutes, using linear references, specially paths, without technical difficulty. There isn't need orienteering knowledge or physical endurance. It's a good opportunity to do a walk in the forest. If required, organization can provide monitors to teach the basic orienteering skills.
Difficult ShortCourse within 3 to 5 Km, until 60 minutes, where is essential to have some Orienteering skills. Medium technical difficulty and low physical endurance.
Easy LongCourses between 4 to 6 Km, until 60 minutes. Low technical and physical demand, with a course using mainly linear references.
Difficult LongCourse with 4 to 7 Km, until 80 minutes. Medium/high physical endurance and some solid orienteering technique. It can be used by federated athletes that don’t want to participate in competition classes or didn’t have the opportunity to register on time on competition classes.

Entries fees and deadlines:

Entries fees
Middle and Long (€)
Fed-Non Fed.1Fed.Non Fed.1
CompetitionEliteUntil 17/01/20227,0012,005,007,00
Adult (non elite)Until 17/01/20226,0011,004,006,00
Young (<=20 years)Until 17/01/20223,005,002,503,00
Formation H/D10, H/D12Until 17/01/20223,005,002,503,00
Open AdultsUntil the day of the event25,005,004,004,00
Young (<=20 years)Until the day of the event23,003,002,502,50
Other Sport scholar3Until 17/01/20221,501,501,501,50

Athletes affiliated in FPO or non-affiliated in FPO (Portuguese Orienteering Federation) are covered by FPO insurance. (Non federated portuguese athletes or resident in Portugal must provide the BI / CC / Passport number).  Athletes filliated in FEDO are covered by FEDO insurance. Foreign and/or non-resident athletes are not covered by any insurance, being their responsibility the insurance.
2. Entries made up to the day of the event but are subject to the availability of maps;
3. Free of the payment of SPORTident and insurance fee, although is mandatory the presentation of proof of the School Insurance.
4. Changes made in the event’s day: 2,00€

OPEN CLASSES don’t pay SI card renting and there is limit for registering their entrie but are subject to the availability of maps.


Payment can be made at the secretariat of the event or by bank transfer with the following information:

AV. Emidio Navarro – Viseu
NIB: 0033  0000  0018  9295  6950  5
IBAN: PT50 0033  0000  0018  9295  6950  5
After transfer, send us a bank transfer confirmation (MANDATORY) by e-mail inscricoes@beiraom.coviseu-natura.pt