From the 21st to 23rd of January of 2022, the villages of Penedono and Sernancelhe will be the stage for another high level orienteering event. Together with these two municipalities, the Portuguese Orienteering Federation, the International Orienteering Federation and the Orienteering Club of Viseu will organize the Beira Alta O’Meeting 2022.

It will be an orienteering weekend with 3 events (middle distance, sprint and long distance), in which two of these (middle and long distance) will count to the Portuguese Orienteering Ranking (Taça de Portugal Vitalis de Orientação).  The long distance and sprint race will be  World Ranking Events (WRE).

The winners of the Meeting will result from the sum of points from all the three races (middle, sprint and long).

The terrains of Penedono will receive for the second time an orienteering event, after having received in 2014 the National Sprint and Long Distance Orienteering Championships. This event clearly highlighted the potential of this area to receive high level orienteering events. After the map of Serra do Sirigo, Beselga and Penedono, two additional ones will be created: a forest one and a sprint one.

On the other hand, Sernancelhe will receive for the first time an Orienteering event. Even so,  fantastic terrains are guaranteed.  As already shown, the Beira Alta Region has probably the best terrains in Portugal.

In addition to the competition classes there will be open classes, recommended to everybody who would like to have their first contact with the sport, gain more experience or just take a different walk alone or in a group, with friends or family.

The Orienteering Club of Viseu will once again create a great orientation weekend where high quality terrains, maps and organization are guaranteed.

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