Day 0 – Model Event

21st of January(Friday)
Model Event

The maps must be taken from the Secretariat ( Cine-Fórum, Penedono: 40.98872, -7.39383 ), during day 0 (Friday) 21st of January.

The parking is the same for both trainings: 40.937270, -7.426036.
The urban model start is 500m away from the parking (check the coordinates below).
The forest model start is 1km away from the parking (check the coordinates below).

This scheme will not be printed. The athlete is responsible for gathering the necessary information to take him/her to the start.

Map: Serra do Sirigo, map between the 2 events location, in the municipality Penedono.

Esta imagem tem um texto alternativo em branco, o nome da imagem é excerto.png

Terrain: Terrain with a lot of rock details. Moderate density of contour details and without many paths. Terrain relevant for the event.
Map Maker: Tiago Aires e Raquel Costa (Portugal) in 2014. A parcel was updated in 2021 by Rafael Miguel.
Scales: 1:10.000 and 1:15.000 Contour interval: 5 m
Control points: 11 control points (without course set). The control point will be signaled with a flag with a tape with the number of the point

Map Sprint: Beselga, in the municipality Penedono.

Terrain: Typical small portuguese village.
Map Maker: Raquel Costa (original – 2014). Conversion to ISSprOM and updated by Rafael Miguel (2021)
Scales: 1:4.000 Contour interval: 2,5 m
Control points: 21 control points (with a course set – 2 parts). No control points will be placed.