Welcome to the website of Beira Alta O’Meeting 2021

Penedono and Sernancelhe receive in January of 2021 a big international event of orienteering. From 22nd to 24th of January, the best national and international athletes won’t loose the opportunity to participate again in a big orienteering event in the Viseu’s region.

This event is composed by 3 stages, two counting to the Vitalis Portuguese National Cup, one that is a World Ranking Event Candidate and a urban sprint that, together with the two remaining stages, will define the winners of the Beira Alta O’Meeting 2021 trophy.  In total, there will be 3 new maps of high quality, both in terms of terrains and cartography.

Additionally, and to whom prefers the sports’ playful component, there will be open classes suitable to all ages and physical preparation.

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