COVID-19 responsibility term and testing request

COVID-19 Responsibility Term

Up to now, we validated 262 COVID-19 responsibility terms, which means that are missing 261, considering all the entries (50%).

We remember that the Responsibility Term is mandatory to participate in the event. Moreover, considering all the logistics that the organization will face validating all COVID-19 certificates, it is fundamental that all athletes send the Responsibility Term a priori through e-mail or through the POF in the case of Portuguese athletes.

Therefore, we please ask all athletes to submit their responsibility terms up to the 23.59.00 of Wednesday, 19th of January. Otherwise, the organization will be forced to not allow the participation of such athletes.

To facilitate, the organization has a list in with all athletes that do not have submitted yet their responsibility term. This list will be updated all days at the night up to Wednesday.

Testing request

The COVID-19 tests will be made by external entities. Therefore, to know the number of tests required, we need to know who will need them. Please submit your test request by email up to the 23.59.00 of Wednesday, 19th of January

Thank you for your comprehension and patiente.